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Beef Processing Information

Facilitated by the Central Coast Ag Network (CCAN), under the guidance of Kim Pasciuto, San Luis Obispo County’s new mobile harvest unit (MHU) is bringing local ranchers back to your dinner table and all of us who enjoy a good steak at a reasonable price are the winners.

The MHU, a 28-foot long trailer powered by a generator, is the first of its kind in California and harkens back to a time when all meat was raised, butchered, and sold by ranchers directly to the local consumer.

How it works:

The Central Coast Ag Cooperative is comprised of a group of ranchers from San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey counties. They own the MHU which was funded with the assistance of grants from Rep Sam Farr’s office and USDA Rural Development. The co-op leases the MHU to J&R Meats, a USDA-certified cut and wrap facility in Paso Robles. The co-op schedules their animal harvesting dates with J&R meats, which brings MHU to a USDA approved on-ranch site and harvests the livestock under USDA inspection.

For the animals, this results in a more humane harvesting practice.

Less stress to the animal at harvest also benefits the consumer because it improves the quality of the meat. Better yet, the consumer knows the origins of the meat and how the animal was raised.

For ranchers, the harvesting process saves time and money. Keeping the process local means the money stays in the local economy. It is a landmark win-win for ranchers and consumers.

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