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How to Order: Grass-fed Beef

To order, call us at 805-929-3209 or email questions welcomed. We are taking orders for Fall 2013.

Beef Prices

Beef Prices for Missing Jack Ranch: $4.25 per pound hang weight, plus $1.00 - $1.10 per pound hang weight to the butcher for cut and wrap fee.

The minimun amount we sell is 1/4 of a beef. A few times out of the year, we have hamburger that we sell at 10 pound minimum at $7.00 per pound. These are approximate total prices as there is some variation with the hang weight of the steer.

So it goes like this, you will be paying us, the rancher, $4.25 per pound hang weight for the cleaned carcass weight. In addition, the butcher charges $1.00 - $1.10 per pound hang weight for the cut and wrap fee.

What amount should I order?

There are more choices of cuts with a half or a whole beef. A whole beef is approximately 600 - 750 lbs hang weight.

The approximate cost to the buyer is about $11.00 a pound boxed weight.

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How much is 1/4 of a Beef?

Approx. 85-100 lbs boxed cut/wrapped Beef for 4.5 cu.ft freezer space:
approx $935.00-$1100.00

How much is 1/2 of a Beef?

Approx. 175-200 lbs boxed cut/wrapped Beef for 9 cu.ft freezer space:
approx $1925.00- $2200.00

How much is a Whole Beef?

Approx. 350-400 lbs boxed cut/wrapped Beef for 18 cu.ft freezer space:
approx 3850.00-4400.00

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Posted by Nan Bowman on Feb 7, 2012  •   • 

The grass-fed beef from Missing Jack Ranch has been wonderful! The steaks have a rich, savory flavor and are extremely tender. All of the meat smells and looks like the beef I remember eating as a child. About ten years ago we quit eating beef and chicken from the regular grocery stores. Since then I have been buying grass fed and other high end meat products at our local specialty grocer, New Frontiers. The beef we received this year from the Missing Jack Ranch has been more flavorful, juicy and overall better tasting than what I was purchasing previously. In addition to the wonderful quality, the price of the 1/4 beef was an excellent value. We are fortunate to be able to buy locally produced, grass-fed beef that were well cared for during their life. THANKS!

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