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Grass-fed Beef

We produce and sell quality lean beef from our Central Coast California ranch in Pine Canyon. We raise Animal Welfare Approved Angus beef cattle which are crossed with Australian Angus bloodlines to finish well on the native and naturalized grasses of Missing Jack Ranch. The cattle are healthy and stress free. We never use Hormones or antibiotics on our cattle. They are finished out in a calm natural environment. They are always handled with the best care. They live out their full life right on our ranch!

The calves are weaned using the no-sress method by having the calves merely separated by a fence from the mother cows. And the calves are not shipped. Shipping calves increases stress and illness and necessitates the use of antibiotics.

About our ranch:

When we, Mike and Janis Tremper, bought our undeveloped rural property on the Central Coast of California, there was a troublesome jack burro that harassed our mares. We finally decided to try and corral him but he was never seen again. While the episode has sparked a lot of theories since then, it also gave us a name for the ranch: Missing Jack Ranch .

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Aside from our horses, With support from our adult children and interested grandchildren, we are proud to run a “mom and pop” business and have transformed the property which once lacked any infrastructure, into a functioning ranch. We are proud that Missing Jack Ranch cattle are raised, birth through processing, on the ranch in Pine Canyon.


Posted by Larry Robinson on October 2, 2012  •   • 

We purchased a 1/2 beef from Janis last month it is very very tender beef with great flavor ,it was very surprising to see such lean beef with no fat be so tender you could cut it with a butter knife the hamburger has very good flavor again with no visable fat in the pan when cooked it also was very moist.the pot roast was totally awsome! I really feel a piece of mind knowing that the cows have not been injected with antibiotics and that no GMO's were used in their feeding. i'm sure being out in the country on the central coast these were truly happy cows and never being stressed in tiny pens made the meat more tender.Also i must say the butcher job was superb i was able to choose the cuts wherever possible and each steak & roast and 1 lb. hamburger package was individually vacum sealed. Another big plus was in dealing with Janis and her husband, They are a local family very kind and caring and it brings great pleasure to be able to support local agriculture and a their family while keeping my family healthy.Larry

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